Terms and Conditions

Service Agreement/Repair Consent 

Every device that is booked in is subject to our terms and conditions, as detailed here. By using our services, you are agreeing to the following key points. If you do not agree with all or any of the following statements, we advise against using our services. smartPhix will only proceed with a repair once we have agreed on a cost. In most cases this will be a verbal agreement during check-in or during a phone call following our diagnosis conclusion.

Manufacturer Warranty

Using smartPhix to diagnose and/or repair your device may void any manufacturer's warranty remaining on your device. Using our service may also exclude your device from any future product recalls. 

smartPhix Warranty

smartPhix will offer a 90-day warranty with each repair, unless specified otherwise. We may refuse to offer a warranty if a device has been repaired elsewhere prior to a smartPhix repair, and of a poor standard. Any devices that have come into contact with liquid may be refused a warranty. These cases will be assessed individually and communicated before proceeding with a repair. Our warranty will cover any part(s) fitted during a repair and is valid for one year, as of the repair completion date. Any accidental/user damage/negligence will void a smartPhix warranty, as will any liquid contact. smartPhix may place warranty stickers internally, and if they are tampered with, this may void your warranty. If we believe that your device has been tampered with following a smartPhix repair, this may void your warranty. Any warranty claims will be worked on as a priority, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Any walk-in customers claiming a warranty must return to the store with their device. We offer no postage service for walk-in warranty claims. smartPhix are under no obligation to offer compensation for cost of transport for any warranty claims. 

Data and Backing Up / Data Security

smartPhix will not be held liable for any or all loss of data before, during or after a repair. Whilst we will never envisage to deliberately erase any data, there may be a rare occasion where a repair attempt could result in the unexpected loss of data. smartPhix will ask for your passcode to unlock your device (if applicable) to complete testing both before and after each repair. Our technicians are forbidden to view your personal information on your device.


Testing & Q.C.

Your device will be subject to a full test at check-in, and another full test and QC following a repair. To complete a full test, we require your passcode to unlock your device. If you do not wish to leave your passcode, we can complete the tests at check-in and at collection. Please note if there are any issues, this may result in a delay at collection. If a device cannot be tested before a repair, it will be logged as "untested". We will not be responsible for any unexpected issues observed during or after a repair for an "untested" device. If a device is dead on arrival "DOA" we will also class this as untested and not be responsible for any unexpected issues observed. 


All timescales provided are estimates. Whilst we envisage to complete our work within the quoted time, there may be occasional delays. 

Definition of Repair

smartPhix aims to repair every single device to the best possible standard. This includes getting the device as close to factory spec/brand new condition as possible. Whilst we will be successful in most cases, there may be times where there will be slight variances in characteristics to a device's original specification.

Water Resistant/ Waterproof Devices

smartPhix cannot ensure that any devices maintain their original waterproofing characteristics, following a repair. To be safe, always keep your device away from liquid, even if it claims to be water resistant

Manufacturer Recall

smartPhix will actively monitor the tech industry and be aware of any current manufacturer recalls/repair programmes. If your device is subject to a recall that we are aware of, we will always refer you to your manufacturer (OEM) to pursue a repair. There may be times when we are not made aware of a recall prior to repairing your device. If you are in doubt we recommend contacting your OEM or Service Provider first.

Apple Service Extensions

Here is a list of current Apple Service Extensions (Common issues that may get repaired for free, or the device replaced): https://support.apple.com/en-gb/service-programs.


If a device is brought to us with an unknown issue, we will need time to diagnose. Diagnostics typically require 24 hours to complete. Upon completion, we will contact you with a solution which will involve a cost and an estimated timescale. In some cases there may be multiple options, or a device may be deemed beyond economical repair, “BER”. We will always use our best judgement and we will not proceed with any repair without first providing a quote and receiving an affirmative response. 

Parts and Quality

smartPhix purchase only high quality parts available to us, from reputable industry suppliers. Our experience in the industry will ensure that our supply chain is excellent throughout. 

Labour and ESD

Our technicians are highly skilled, disciplined and experienced in the field of electronics repair. Every job will be completed to the best of our technician's ability, in an ESD-safe environment.

Outsourcing / External Workshop

If deemed an appropriate solution, smartPhix may advise to send away your device to our external workshop based in Central London. This service will cover advanced board level repairs. The estimated timescale for these repairs are approximately 14-21 days.

Issues Following a Repair

If there are any issues following a repair, please contact smartPhix immediately, or simply return to our store with your device. Your device will be assessed and we envisage to resolve any issues as soon as possible. Any returning devices will be worked on as a priority. 


Our current pricelist can be found here. smartPhix constantly monitor the market to ensure that we are competitive and offer excellent value for money. Whilst we try our best to keep our prices consistent, due to the nature of the industry, there may be occasions where some prices may fluctuate.  


Payment can be made to smartPhix using Cash, Card (including contactless), PayPal or Bank Transfer. All quoted charges must be paid before a device can be collected. 

Collection and Storage

Upon completion of a repair, your device will be stored safely and we will attempt to contact you to collect, using the details provided. If your device is not collected within 90 days of check-in, smartPhix may assume ownership of the device. At least three contact attempts will be made before assuming ownership, and these will be logged onto our repair management system.  

Data Collection and GDPR Compliance

What data does smartPhix collect and how do we use it?
When booking in a device for repair, we will typically capture the following details from you:
·      Full Name
·      Telephone Number
·      Email Address
This information will be captured directly into RepairShopr, web-based repairs management software. Labels will be immediately printed that will contain Full Name, Telephone Number and Email Address and affixed to your device and any accessories. We will also log a description of the issue(s) (symptoms) at booking-in.
At Booking-In you will receive two SMS messages and one email (if we have captured a mobile phone number and/or email address) confirming your booking.
We require this information to contact you regarding your repair, and/or to inform when the repair is complete.
When we process your transaction, the above details will be duplicated to our POS (till system) Vend, which is also web-based. We require this information for any warranty claims and for after-sales service.
Vend and RepairShopr are fully GDPR Compliant.
If we require a passcode to a device, this will typically be printed on a label and affixed to your device for the duration of the repair. Upon completion of the repair we will destroy this label. Your passcode is not recorded anywhere else.
Technicians are forbidden to view personal information and your data is strictly never saved onto any of our own devices.
Your Name and Vend Receipt Number is stored on a password-protected spreadsheet, which is used by smartPhix’s management to log our activity.
Our customers data and privacy are of utmost importance, and we will ensure we take the correct steps to ensure that we are compliant in this area, and always acting with integrity and professionalism.

Repair Notes

smartPhix will log down detailed information about each repair onto our repair management system. This is to enable a more streamlined service, should we see the same device on multiple occasions. 


smartPhix will need to obtain reasonable proof that every trade-in device is owned legitimately and has no outstanding finance payments. Furthermore, each device must have a clean IMEI when applicable.  This will be checked using CheckMend and/or similar. Each trade-in device will be thoroughly tested, erased and checked internally, before providing a final quote. Testing may take up to 24hours. Upon accepting a final quote, you may be required to fill out a "transfer of ownership form" before receiving payment.  

Battery Health Check

smartPhix offer a battery health check service during a repair, for most devices. We can inform each customer of the expected benefits of replacing a battery in their device. This is done by assessing the data on the battery's management IC which includes current charge cycles and capacity. 

Tempered Glass

smartPhix may recommend a Tempered Glass Screen Protector to protect your device from any future damage, following a drop/impact. Tempered Glass is proven to significantly reduce the chance or a damaged screen following an accident, but it is not 100% and we are not guaranteeing as such.  

Level 3 / Board Level

smartPhix will undertake board-level repairs, under a microscope utilising micro-soldering techniques to replace SMD components. This is highly intricate work and could ultimately result in a dead device, that may be considered BER. smartPhix customer's will be made aware of the risks involved before agreeing to a Level 3 repair.

Liquid Damage Diagnostics/Assessment

smartPhix charge £29-£49 for liquid damage assessments. This is a non-refundable charge, even if we conclude that the device is beyond economical repair. Liquid Damage Diagnostics will typically require up to 24hours to complete. Upon completion, we will contact with a conclusion and a solution. Our solution will include a cost and timescale. Many liquid damaged devices may be considered "BER", depending on the extent of internal damage. Due to the nature of liquid damage, we are unable to offer a warranty on any device. smartPhix will not be responsible for any progression of liquid damaged even during diagnostics. A device's condition may deteriorate during a liquid Damage diagnostics, and in some rare cases a device may even cease to function completely.  

Data Recovery

smartPhix require a storage device to be provided for every successful data recovery (USB Flash Drive or Ext. HDD). The storage available must be at least equal, or greater than the capacity of the device checked-in for data recovery. We can supply a storage device, that can be paid for at collection. 

Device Replacement

In rare cases, human error may result in a device that has progressed further from its original issue. smartPhix will be allowed 21 days to resolve such issues (this may involve sending to our Central London workshop). In the rare instant that a device is considered BER following human error, we may opt to replace the affected part(s) or even the whole device with a like for like model, spec and age.  

Post-In / Call Out Service

smartPhix do not currently offer a call-out service but we may implement this in the future. We envisage to have an online post-in booking system soon, but for now please email postin@smartphix.co.uk for any post-in enquiries. 


smartPhix will offer accounts to businesses and educational institutions, where we can repair devices quickly and to the highest of standards. The more devices that we receive, the more competitive our price. Accounts can be paid using 30-day invoicing.  

Promotional Material

Your device maybe photographed for use on our social media pages, website or any advertising campaigns. Your device will be set to a generic screen, with no personal data visible or traceability to its owner. 


If you have any feedback, suggestions or complaints. Please contact feedback@smartphix.co.uk. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, and any complaints will be dealt with urgently.  


If you are happy with our service, we would appreciate if you could leave us a positive review on (Facebook, Google Maps and Trustpilot). If you leave us a review on all or any of the platforms, we may copy and paste it onto our testimonials page on this site.​

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