Smartphone Repair Carlisle

Smartphone Repair Carlisle

Smartphone repair, phone repairs in Carlisle

smart phone repairs are our thing here at smartPhix, it's what we mostly do.
We're not just talking about replacing screens either... We fix everything!

Screen Replacement

Have you dropped your phone and cracked your screen, or is the display completely blank? 

The "margherita pizza" of this industry. If you can't get this right, it's not a good sign!

Sadly, a lot of repair outlets do, usually down to using sub-par parts and/or having poorly trained technicians.

At smartPhix we opt to only use quality parts, and we have arguably the area's most experienced technician (with literally thousands of repairs completed over the last decade).

Prices start at £19 for smart phone screen replacements, and we can repair any brand and model.

Feel welcome to contact us for a quote or just drop in to our Carlisle shop.

Battery Replacement

Does your phone not seem to last as long as it used to? Do you seem to be collecting portable chargers these days? You may need a replacement battery!

We can replace batteries on any device, but before we do, we can check the condition of your current battery (for most devices), to see if there would actually be a benefit. Sometimes poor battery life can be a side effect of other issues, and we wouldn't want to replace a battery without first ruling them out.

We can also give you in real-world terms the expected benefit of a new battery.

Prices for batteries start at £19.

Diagnostics and Internal Parts

We can replace any internal parts, in any smartPhone following a successful diagnosis. Here are some common symptoms that would typically be resolved very quickly (less than 30 minutes) by replacing an internal part:

  • Device not charging
  • Camera(s) not working or distorted
  • No sound/audio or low volume from earpiece (receiver)
  • No sound/audio or low volume from Loudspeaker
  • Side (volume/power etc) button(s) not working
  • Home button not working
  • Microphone not capturing sound
  • Proximity sensor not working
  • No audio output from headphone jack

Internal parts start at £19 and diagnostics (non-liquid damaged) are free. You are under no obligation to proceed with a repair following diagnostics.

Liquid Damage Repairs

See here for information on liquid damage repairs.